A community of people who achieve much bigger growth using ecosystem-led go-to-market strategies.

Partnerships are crucial in generating revenue for B2B SaaS.
Let’s inspire confidence and strategic focus for everyone working in Partnerships.
Elevate good old Partnerships to an undisputed commercial strategy adopted by all B2B SaaS companies.
Through a powerful community where Partnership professionals teach and learn how to adopt Nearbound successfully in their own workplace.
We’re lucky to have a vibrant, passionate, creative community. Hailing from around the world, our members host events, lead groups, make videos, share tips, teach classes, and so much more. Most importantly, The Nearbound Club’s Community is a resource for all Partnership experts and the ones to be.
If you’re looking to deeper knowledge on partner-led growth and Nearbound, we also have live bootcamps for small groups! 🙌

Join us if you're eager to learn more about the most powerful revenue channel making waves in the world of B2B SaaS today: Nearbound

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Meet incredible profiles and B2B SaaS experts
Position Nearbound as a new source of Revenue in your organization
Grow your role as a Partnership Leader
Build career skills and confidence
Focused learning paths
Actually learn-by-doing
New classes added every week

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How do I join the Slack community?
To join our Slack community, click on Join the club to submit your contact details so we can verify your identity. Then, you'll receive an invitation email with a link to join.
What are the benefits of joining the community?
The Nearbound Club is the best place to talk about Partnerships strategy, Nearbound tactics, Use cases, new Workflows to implement and network with industry peers. Come for the connections, stay for the camaraderie.

Being part of a good community is sometimes more powerful than just a network :)